Our public inquiries service

Our specialist Programme Officers organise and administer an independent, cost-effective and efficient inquiry under the direction and guidance of the Inspector(s) – effectively becoming the Inspector’s ‘right-hand man’ throughout the inquiry process. The Programme Officer reports to the Inspector and is the link between them, the appellant/promoter and all other parties.

What do we do?

Public inquiries are subject to specific procedural rules depending on the project type. We offer a complete service package on public inquiries into, although not limited to, renewable energy, planning, compulsory purchase orders, transport and highway projects: programme officers, witness training and inquiry website management. 

Services that we can provide include:

  • Advising on arrangements for pre-inquiry meetings and public inquiries, and offering guidance on the suitability of venue, facility requirements and optimum layout. 
  • Providing experienced Programme Officers as an independent link between the inspector, the appellant/promoter and other interested parties.
  • Producing the optimum inquiry timetable and providing administrative support to the inspector, where required, throughout the public inquiry process. 
  • Offering fully integrated administrative office support to the appellant/promoter before, during and after an inquiry, including the posting of statutory site notices.
  • Organising training of expert witnesses in presentation of evidence and proof writing.
  • Creating, maintaining and publishing dedicated websites for individual inquiries; the websites becoming the online library of documents submitted to the inquiry. 

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